It is with a very heavy heart that we inform our donors and grantees of the passing
founder and Board President Stephanie Brooks Dains.

Stephanie was an art therapist and a teacher for the California School for the Blind. She understood on a very personal level the importance and liberating potential of arts education for her students and for students everywhere.

Stephanie also observed the difficulties faced by teachers in an era of ever-shrinking art budgets and was determined to do something about it.

Art4Moore was her answer.

, dedicated to her mother, was a dream that became a reality due to her perseverance, hard work and vision. A vision that would allow teachers, museums, and non-profits to complete very simple grant applications that would provide them with art supplies and other support for the arts. As a teacher, Stephanie understood that teachers did not have time or energy to complete complex grant applications and she was steadfast in keeping the grant process simple, focused and impactful. “Let’s get supplies into the hands of teachers and students and magic will happen.” Stephanie was always laser-focused on the
mission “Providing art supplies and resources for teachers, students of all ages, the elderly and the disabled through a grant making process”.

With the help of her husband John Dains,
grew beyond the San Francisco area to become a national foundation giving out more than 650 grants totaling over $1,625,000.

As members of the Board of Directors, we were so fortunate to watch Stephanie’s incredible joy as she reviewed the work of so many grantees and the deep sense of gratitude she felt for every simple “thank you note” or newspaper article that she would share with us at our yearly meetings.

We know you join us in our heartfelt sense of loss but to really honor our dear friend and
President, we urge you to keep creating, get those art supplies out into classrooms and programs of all kinds and continue to “make magic happen”.

In Memory